Green Man

Green Man

I really like this, Fiona. Nor sure how big it is but it deserves to be on display.

Hi John, thanks very much, it's a plaque of about 8"x6". Yes, I suppose I should dust it off and put it somewhere but that means it will require regular dusting!Lol.

That is so well done Fiona

It is indeed art, a lady of many talents,

A really super piece Fiona, It would look great on my balcony wall!

This is lovely Fiona.

Very good Fiona, should definitely be on display!

How wonderful! I'm glad that you posted it :)

Thanks everyone, wasn't sure how it would be received on the gallery, so thank you for looking.

Of course it is ok to post it on the gallery as it is a lovely piece of artwork. Love the patina of it and all the details in relief. Really unusual work and I think it is great.

Art in my book as well Fiona, would look great in the garden!

Wonderful gallery, especially love this...

Thank you very much!

Many talented lady, Fiona!!!!! Superb!

You've got some staying power Jennifer, going through my! Many thanks and appreciation for all your comments.

Wow! I really love this. Yes It is art Fiona. Hope you have this on display.

Hi Adele, yes he guards the front door, thank you for looking.

This is an amazing piece - your Green Man ?

Hi Donna, yes he's my Green Man but looking at him again he looks a bit naive....thank you for looking.

Hang on Studio Wall

Another bottom of the drawer find, this piece of pottery I did a few years ago, it was the first thing I had done in clay since school. I really enjoyed it and would like to have another go at some point when I have the time. I hope it's okay to post on the gallery, it is art I suppose, isn't it?

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