Knot, low tide


I quite like it Emma, but I think it needs a definite focal point. Just too busy. Also a differentiation between the foreground, middle ground and distance by aerial perspective. I.e. more contrast in the foreground. I would let roll my putty rubber over the more distant features.

Thanks Linda, I will get the rubber out tomorrow 😁

I also like it and also agree with Linda. The main fault if I may use that word is the lack of contrast in the background and foreground , changing that will have a vast effect.

Thank you Paul, still fiddling with this one, will see what happens.

Hang on Studio Wall

Whenever I put ‘mixed media’ you can usually translate that as ‘attempting to cover up a failure’. This started as a watercolour, failed miserably, got covered in pastel, probably made it worse! Am posting because I’m interested to learn how it could have been improved, or what you feel the basic flaws are.

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