Turn the gallery blue. Supporting our amazing NHS


The original artist is Priscilla Watkins.

Really good Bob, very effective bubbles!

Great painting in its own right - definitely captured the effect of bubbles and movement

Thanks very much for your comments,Fiona and Heather. It feels like cheating, copying someone else’s work, but I learned a lot by doing so. I usually post on social media but I haven’t put this one up. It’s not necessarily a subject I would have tried otherwise. Definitely worth checking out priscilla’s work.

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic on 3ftx2ft canvas. i wasn’t going to post this one as it is a copy of another artists work. I was exploring the way she worked the water, but it fits the blue theme. I work in the care sector and I know what an amazing and scary job our NHS staff are doing right now. God bless them!

About the Artist
Bob Singfield

I started painting in September 2015 because I had some acrylic left over after a craft project. I am now an addict!! Not sure if what I am doing is good, bad or indifferent but Its all about the learning!! Thanks for looking

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