a thousand miles and poles apart

a thousand miles and poles apart

Great subject and well rendered. Not sure of your troubles Bob, but I would just say too much inner space in there and in need of more colour.

Thanks, Derek! As usual your comments are spot on. I was trying to create distance/ tension/connection between the guy at the table and the girl at the bar so was worried about putting too much in between them and also kept the colours muted. In retrospect I think I could afford to put a couple more figures in that space. Maybe later....had enough of this one for now!

You've certainly got the tension between them spot on Bob. More figures yes, but that's me and thanks.

good one,bet the perspective was tricky but spot on

I bet this one was tricky Bob...I can feel the tension, not sure if it's yours or theirs..lol There is certainly something going on and not going on, if that makes sense.......it's intriguing.

Thanks again' Derek! Tony and Fiona, yes, the perspective has given me much grief which is why I've dropped it for now. It was doing my head in!! Its at times like these I wish I had classes. Or glasses!! Oh, I've already got those!! Anyway, thanks all, for taking the time to comment, it is so helpful ! I will be picking this one up again, and inflicting it upon your good selves sometime soon!!

Bring it on Bob, we are here.

Cheers Derek. I'm counting on it!

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title courtesy of Adele (skyfall). This one gave me lots of trouble! Acrylic on canvas (16 x12)

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I started painting in September 2015 because I had some acrylic left over after a craft project. I am now an addict!! Not sure if what I am doing is good, bad or indifferent but Its all about the learning!! Thanks for looking

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