WIP. Second oil attempt

WIP. Second oil attempt

With oils Bob it's best to lay in the basics let the paint go off. Then do some more. And so on working up to the detail. Also when working wet into wet alway place light over dark colours. The other way round the paint soon become muddy the more you play with it.

I's best to put the lights in last as John says - the whites take longer to dry. You are right in thinking it is best to leave it to dry for a while

Just fancy a walls cornetgo,dont know why...

Coming on well Bob, great scene. Sorry oils not my thing so I'm no help.

Thanks very much, John and Linda, for the advice. Much appreciated. That's ok, Carole, I've no idea what I'm doing, anyway 😊, but thanks for the comment. It's from a blurry old snap taken about 20 years ago on a 110 camera so I'm making a lot of it up as I go along. Cheers Pete, I've had my gelato..tutti fruiti. Remember that ?

Bob not detail particularly, more textures and tones much shinier and clean up the edges on the gondola which occupies a big foreground space, the underside of the bridge, add a pole for the gondolier. Comments above like drying and light over dark well worth trying, then beef up the darks and lights, empthasise the shadows on the walls in the street and especially lights at the far end of the street. Just spotted the pole in the well of the boat and while it's there is meaningless when his hands are free.

Cheers Derek, yes I agree with all of that, except that I didn't paint a pole! I was trying to paint the gondolier trying to entice the couple up the street to take a ride. It's not easy this oil stuff ! So many new techniques to consider !

Hang on Studio Wall

Decided to let this dry before doing any more on it. This is 12"x10" on canvas board. I feel it needs a little more detail but I'm struggling with the wet paint. Would love some critique/help on this one!

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