View from a skyscraper

View from a skyscraper

I know what you mean Dorothy about being out of your comfort zone painting buildings and architecture, but its a great learning curb, I think you have coped really well with this scene, I like your ink work with the watercolour it works so well In these kind of paintings.

Wonderful view Dorothy, lovely work.

Gosh Dorothy that is so good, your perspective is great. I keep promising myself that I must do something like this for a change but never seem to manage it!

You’ve captured it perfectly, Dorothy.

This is great...and I know how you feel about learning a sky scraper??? Wow! I get vertigo if I dare to wear heels above an inch!!! Lovely work, well done!

Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I may do another one when I have time as a finished painting.

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I had a friend who lived in a skyscraper flat and I took some photos from her balcony. The view shows the small street leading up to our Castlegate and from there to the main thouroughfare of Union Street. It was a difficult painting to do and really outside my comfort zone but I enjoyed doing it. My paintings of the town centre all have a greyish look because they were built with granite and we are known as the Granite City. Watercolour and ink

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I have been very interested in art since I was a small child and spent many happy hours drawing and painting all through my life. It is something which I would have liked to have progressed with further but as so often happens, ordinary life took over. However, I am a creative person and from my…

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