Shining examples

Shining examples

Very successful pastel painting - a medium which still defeats me for some reason. I like the reflected figures, too....

Yes a smashing piece and very difficult too.

Amazing rendition of the shine on silver - that takes some skill! I love the reflections of the yellow of the mug in the teapot and the pretty handle of the teaspoon. A very successful painting I would say!

Terrific! Well done Dorothy.

Wow!! And with pastels! Beautiful work Dorothy!

My word, that's good! Well drawn shapes and super reflections. BTW, are you by any chance left-handed? The arrangement of the items suggests you might be?

This is wonderful. Excellent observation. Well done!

It's all been said beautiful Dorothy

I agree with all the above, so well drawn and painted

A lovely piece, Dorothy. The reflection and shine are excellent and beautifully depicted.

Thank you very much everyone for all your lovely comments. Yes it was quite difficult to paint and needed a bit of patience but I have plenty of that using pastels! I found it extremely interesting to do this though. Your question Michael. No I am not left handed though I can see why you think so. The reason I placed the objects that way was because I wanted the spout to look towards the mug and there was a whole lot of other clutter on the table that were interfering with the reflections. I was trying to keep it simple! Thea. Silver is quite a difficult colour to paint and this was only my second attempt at reflections on metal but I am happy with it.

Hang on Studio Wall

I was practising reflections on metal last year and I found this teapot in the kitchen of the Community Centre where I hold my art group. A good subject for capturing shine. 12 x 16 inch.

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