Time Is Marching On

Time Is Marching On

He looks great Dorothy and I like your choice of colours. Time......when I retired I thought I'd have loads of time but how wrong was I! So many things to do etc., I really don't know how I had time to go to work!

Wonderful image Dorothy, really speaks to all of us.

It's so very true. Takes me all day to turn around. How did we pack so much into life when we were younger. Great character Dorothy and so well done.

Me too Dorothy. Very well done, love the title and its implications, just how I think.....

How true!. A lovely painting. I echo all of the comments here.

How true. Lovely painting and I echo all of the comments here.

More good work, Dorothy. And I love the thought behind the image. I remember years back asking my elderly mother-in-law if the days dragged for her (less bluntly than that), she said...'no, they rush by, never any time to do anything.' At the time it seemed a strange answer, these days I realize just how right she was.

Great image and title - and I like the painting too.

Really good image and title Dorothy. You’ve added colour very successfully.

Good work, Dorothy.

Thank you all very much for your comments.

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This was a blurred copyright free image in black and white. I decided to put it into colour using pastels and coloured pencils, really a bit of an experiment. I chose the title because these are words I am often saying. Time goes on so quickly these days it seems and we don't have enough of it to do everything we would like to do as we get older. This particular image said a lot to me

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I have been very interested in art since I was a small child and spent many happy hours drawing and painting all through my life. It is something which I would have liked to have progressed with further but as so often happens, ordinary life took over. However, I am a creative person and from my…

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