Your paintings are very distinctive and this is no exception, another good one Stevan

A striking silhouette of the tenacious Hawthorn tree against the bleakness of its surroundings Stevan. It some times seems impossible that these trees ever manage to survive, on closer inspection they emerge from small cracks and crevices in rocks, or are held in place by roots in soil that has no substance at all.

Thanks for the fine words once again Fiona, it's always a pleasure to recieve your comments. Hope you are well. Steve

Hang on Studio Wall

I love the pennine landscape and how you look upon what seems like an empty landscape until you cast your eye upon tenacious hawthorns bent by the prevailing winds but not giving in. In truth it could be many places in the UK but as I live in the pennines it's the pennines.

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I was born in Wakefield West Yorkshire and lived in that area most of my life. I moved over the border in to Lancashire (only just) in 2011. My family and my job have been priorities but I have managed to draw and paint since I was a child. For a short period I was the Chairman of Wakefield art…

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