Moorland heat


Love those warm siennas and the looseness of your painting Stevan.

Thanks very much Carole, appreciate the feedback. Steve

So much to like in this painting, don't know where to start!

It's enough that you want to pass comment Heather. Many thanks, Steve.

Very realistic, I can smell the burning Stevan.... great colours.

Fabulous Stevan! Not for the moors or the emergency services but a truly atmospheric scene.....the smoke and fire particularly. Even the smoke and soot particles in the air rising above the fire. Brill!

Carole, it's just a bit special when a painting engages more than the visual sense. Thanks very much for the comment. Steve

Fiona, your enthusiasm, as ever, is much apreciated. Thanks very much. Steve.

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The recent moorland fires have been localised disasters. They could have been much worse without the efforts of our emergency services who brought them under control protecting property and lives as they diligently did there work. Dedicated to those people.

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