Winter scene finished.

Winter scene finished.

Another lovely scene, Derek - I like the lights against the darks and the random splodges of snow

Thanks Pat, I think that was about my last oil work.

I've just read your little comments on your rainy day "abstract". Dereek - I loved its fresh colourful abstracted feel, whereas I think several of your lovely interesting paintings tend to be more "representational" like this snow scene. I'm mostly a "representational" painter myself - I'm sometimes too detailed and "photographic" but just occasionally I really try to break out a bit - though it does not always work (though yours work very well). Cheers!!

Thanks Pat, I was previously a very representational painter, but Ihave undergone a complete change. As far as I can judge, it is a result of a major traumatic incident two years ago and then a stroke last November. Weird - but my mind has shifted, but there again I now paint for myself rather than exhibit and sell.

Ooh those great chunks of snow bring back memories Derek, lovely trees too.

Thanks Carole, it was from a sketch I did when skiing some years back

Excellent painting Derek

Thanks Dermot, not doing stuff like this anymore.

Excellent finished result Derek. Wonderful snow shadows and I like the addition of the figures.

Thanks Fiona, very much appreciated

Nice one Derek . I love how you've handled the pine trees .

This is super, Derek. I really like the bold brushwork, it gives the painting great vibrancy.

Thank you dennis and Seok. Strange when I came across this, forgotten it and liked it myself.

Hang on Studio Wall

Didn't realise I hadn't posted this ages back after showing a WIP.

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