After Paul Regan

After Paul Regan

Fabulous, Derek.

Planned!, we artists don't plan do we?. Well done on giving this one some thought, I like it.

Really like the look of this Derek.. good lines.

It’s great Derek, love out of the ordinary subjects.

Looks great Derek...yellows really make this sing.

Thanks Alan, Rachel, Fiona, Gudrun, Louis and dennis

Derek, I love this, composition and colours.

Thanks Jenny, of course I can't claim composition, but yes everything else

Looks good Derek. It has worked well in my opinion

Hang on Studio Wall

24x18cms on paper. His work Study for Potters Road in the current Artist magazine. W&N 300gsm watercolour paper. Created the dark background with a mizture of Indigo and a purple. The shapes in acrylic using my card technique and the lines in F&C soft pastels. Planned rather than take a chance.

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Derek Snowdon

Eleventyeight as my hashing pals called my new age recently, it's supposed to sound better. Trying to paint every day in acrylics using only expired credit/debit cards, and partially succeeding as they're only for me and not show these days.

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