Duo's Day at Netley Abbey

Duo's Day at Netley Abbey

Got my venues mixed up at first, Derek. I thought I saw that Duke who runs Longleat...the bearded fellow, an artist. But it's Netley Abbey. I like it. (Perhaps the Longleat fellow was visiting.)

Thanks Lewis. He was the main messed up one and ended in Caribbean gear with a beard

Nice painting Derek feels bright and sunny

I really like your colours Derek, a great scene.

Thanks Carole, more of an exercise than creating atmosphere

I love this sketch. It's full of life.

Posted on Tue 20 Feb 14:45:08
Hang on Studio Wall

33x20cms on paper. Based on ancient sketches of mine, added figures, messed them up and should never be in pairs (I was taught), then added Indian Ink via dip pen.

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Derek Snowdon

Eleventyeight as my hashing pals called my new age recently, it's supposed to sound better. Trying to paint every day in acrylics using only expired credit/debit cards, and partially succeeding as they're only for me and not show these days.

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