Dark Winter


Good work. It's always darkest before the dawn. Come spring things will be looking up and lockdown gone.

Really interesting digital painting Dennis, heaps of atmosphere, like it a lot

I really like this Dennis, that foreboding sky is brilliantly rendered.

I’m really loving your digital art, Dennis. It’s really atmospheric.

Lovely full of atmosphere Dennis. Are you enjoying the digital experience?

I like this, Dennis. We're in the murks now😍 and I'm looking at subtle tones and greys.

Many thanks Ronald it's not the virus it's the hysterical media and politicians etc. Thanks Heather and Russell Ellen and yes it opens up many things Barry

I really like this.

Many thanks Val and Denise

Love the drama in your somber colours but the light and hope is also there Dennis. Terrific digital work as this is not an easy process.

Very atmospheric, Dennis. (Wouldn’t have guessed it was digital.)

Many thanks Carole let's hope so. It's not all digital Jenny I photo a work in progress then play with it digitally

Yes, is what I say. Intriguing. Is this all digital or partially so? It still has your hall mark.

Ah, you have already answered this by your last reply!!

This is great Dennis. What software do you use? I have had fun in the past magnifying small sections of artwork and putting filters on them. I only have a basic Windows editor though.

Many thanks Gudrun and Diane I use quite a few an old version of zbrush Photoshop paint paintshop pro and 3d max. Make different brushes and copy paste areas different layers colour picker and. It's easy to change tone and go back a stage and change only trouble is my paintings are not as good and feel as though I am cheating. You may say it's the image that counts but it's mixed emotions I guess technology is a curse to humans in the end.

I will always use 'natural' artists' materials because I think the human interaction generates a natural subliminal interaction with the viewer - my favourite phrase, subliminal fluidity that the brain recognises. I also feel that many images/paintings are verging towards being aimed at digital/instagram/online impact hence loses its human element and perhaps distances itself in a way many younger people feel more comfortable with. Life itself is becoming more digital rather than humanly interactive.

Agree Gudrun we are zombies and robots already human realities are quickly being destroyed and dying

Fabulous, Dennis! Wow!

Wow! Really dark Dennis. It takes courage to put in the dark but without them a painting just looks bland. This is stunning !!

Many thanks Jennifer and Audrey 😎

As good as always. It reminds me a bit of the famous photos of St Paul's during the blitz, surrounded by smoke.

Wonderfully dramatic Dennis.

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