Street Scene


Superb work as always, so much suggested detail Dennis, reminds me of Notre Dame.

Love it! it makes me think of Venice.

Just knew this was yours before I scrolled to the name! Brilliant as always Dennis.

Yes Notre dame Venice were all in my mind. Thanks so much Russell Jennifer and Audrey three masters which of course POL artists are 😎

I echo the others. It takes skill to convey a precise thing such an expressive way. Love the colours.

You see here's another many thanks Gudrun I think I'm the joker in the pack

Super colours and figures, Dennis - I saw a cathedral in the background too.

What ever you want Anne many thanks

A very clever pastiche of well known landmarks disguised, to interact with a painting which arouses the senses. A lot to admire and think about here Dennis and I like the way you have used a disjointed palette to heighten the atmosphere.

So appealing Dennis, wherever it is. Love the blue and pink together they compliment the darks beautifully .

Two more I tell you it's not easy. Many thanks Carole bang on with the critique and Fiona very kind

There's a lot more to this painting than meets the eye; a semi abstract representation of well known and much loved places in your trademark style Dennis.

And another what can you do?😎 Many thanks Ronald

Brilliant piece of painting Dennis, it's great.

Many thanks George another master gets tougher all the time

Love this.

I love the colours here. There is a wonderful lightness to the painting.

Absolutely stunning

Wonderful semi-abstract with lots to take in.

Hang on Studio Wall


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