Ooh I like this Dennis, almost oriental in composition and colour, beautiful.

Many thanks indeed very much appreciated Carole

I love the spilling into the distance, if that makes sense.

Yes it does Gudrun and Louise Many thanks indeed

I like this Dennis love the support shape and the limited palette. I like the peeping round the tree bit to catch the distant view. Very appealing painting. I've Just read your little autobiog - what awful things employees did for companies then, if only we realised the potential harm of lots of jobs in the sixties and seventies and before then. I worked with a Port Authority and although only in the office, I also remember the hazardous loading and handling of bulk cargo, the casual nature of docker employment. Plus several accidents that could have been avoided with safer working practices. But pleased you enjoy your painting so much now and you turn out such varied work.

Beautiful style and colours.

Beautiful painting, Dennis, I agree with Carole.

a few masterly strokes and behold a lovely painting , gorgeous Dennis

Many thanks Pat it's criminal Sandra Cesare and Dennis and a bit of splatter very much appreciated indeed

Wow Dennis this is superb I agree it does have an oriental feel.

That's the business Dennis and a great format , I too thought it looked oriental

I agree with Carole, got that oriental feel... even that tone, very restful Dennis.

Many thanks Lesley Dermot and Guy very much appreciated indeed

Unusual format but suits this subject, nicely painted.

I love it Dennis, very oriental indeed.

Ah soh Many thanks Stephen and Satu

This is so beautifully calm Dennis. I love the composition and palette. Its one of my favourites of yours

A lovely study, Dennis.

Many thanks Diana and Seok very much appreciated indeed

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