Horse in Paddock

Horse in Paddock

Nicely executed Dennis. I love the suggested shapes, which you have spot on, and the colour work which is clever.

Many thanks Michael very much appreciated

This is great, Dennis, love the limited palette and, as Michael says, all the suggested shapes, which encourage you to look more closely.

Such a beautiful inventive painting, wonderful landscape Dennis.

Lovely painting Dennis as always fresh as a daisy

Love this painting, full of weather and cool tones. Excellent again.

Great piece and love the horse

Many thanks Jenny Carole Dennis Willie and Michael. Very much appreciated

dennis, there are so many horses scattered about or one big black one beyond the fence. Love it.

great marks, texture and technique dennis well done David Harrison

From strength to strength! Great work Dennis.

Amazing Dennis.

Lovely painting Dennis, the colours, paddock and the horse are really inspirational

Many thanks Derek pure chance and David very much appreciated

Many thanks Russell Tanusree and David very much appreciated you are too kind

My life Dennis, this is truly exceptional, that horse was a masterstroke in itself.

Many thanks Alan yes it puts every thing in context very much appreciated you are too kind

Brilliant cubed Dennis! ( haven't got a little 3 on the I pad ). So many layers to this, great limited palette.

I keep saying, but I'm running out of words. This has something extra. I like the slightly washed effect on the left.

This is another fabulous piece Dennis. You are posting some really wonderful work lately!

This is wonderful Dennis. Beautiful colours and full of contrasts with a great focal point. Another one that aught my eye in the gallery Diana

Wonderful Dennis. I see in it many horses, but that is the magic of your paintings: your shapes are full of suggastion.

Colours, composition and execution......perfect Dennis!!

Many thanks Marjorie Gudrun and Janet yes we must take the rough with the smooth very much appreciated you are too kind

Thanks so much Diana Cesare And Fiona very much appreciated you are too kind

Dennis I really like the dynamic strong shapes to the left and the sky. The more I look the more I see. Its so strong the horse seems like an after thought to me. But thats because of so much interest in the piece as a whole.

Thanks so much John for the kind remarks

Dennis.. It's all been said really.. Nice stuff..

Many thanks Alan very much appreciated you are too kind

Fabulous dramatic work Dennis

Many thanks Dermot very much appreciated you are too kind

Great range.

Jem you really are too kind sir

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Watercolour and acrylic

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