Dennis Rogers

Dennis Rogers

This is so lovely. I used to be a draughts person so I love the shapes and patterns

Thank you to both of you. I tis good to receive such comments from other artists whose own work is of such a high quality.

Wonderful collection of still life paintings. This one is my favourite as I just love the bowl of fruit. I also like the soft and hazy look you get to your work.

Thank you, Thea. I am aware that your handling of watercolour is very sophisticated and so I appreciate your comment. I sometimes think that I "overpaint". To have compliments from other artists is always encouraging.

What a beautiful gallery you have Dennis, these watercolours are really quite stunning!

Lovely painting Dennis as are the others in your gallery

Thank you, Christine & Glennis. I don't post very often, this is the first since last November I think, because I do tend to work slowly with a lot of preparation, in the head and on paper, so I much appreciate your comments. Isn't watercolour a wonderful (exasperating, scary, frustrating!!) medium to work with? Sometimes I say "Yes" and sometimes I just go and find something to do in the garden.

Exasperating, scary, frustrating, yes all of these, but the end results you have in your gallery are well worth the viewing, thanks for shareing

Thank you, Sheila. I suppose that is why we keep on painting and take such joy from it. I love you technique with washes.

Hang on Studio Wall

This painting also started from a still life set up for the Eddisbury Artists' weekly work session. It's pretty much a straight forward piece from my original watercolour sketch. I did not want to see a full wine bottle in the work but it did give an opportunity for a good shape down the right hand side of the painting.

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