I love the delicacy of your work and the arrangement of objects. Your work has a mystical quality which is charming.

As Jane says it's charming I would have that on my wall anyday.

Posted by Joy Lee on Thu 12 May 11:23:41

This is the second attempt to reply as I seemed to lose my first one. Thank you for your responses. It is always good to hear from other artists otherwise it's a lonely journey. My photography is not too good so the images are a bit blue but the essence of the work is there in both cases.

This is lovely. I like the composition here with the vertical lines, balanced nicely with the circular shape at the top. I know what you mean about "lonely journey" :}

Lovely colours and style brought together in a unique way. Well done!

Love this. Both your September paintings are great. Delicate use of watercolour media and colour. jx

Even more jealous now!! Those blackberries are amazing and the whole design is delightful. Such a gorgeous colour palette as well.

Thea, don't be jealous. It's a case of "each to his (her) own". I have been looking at your portraits and marvel at your confident handling of the paint in apparently short periods of time. My paintings take me ages to start, work and complete. It's what I am and what any artist should be, themselves. Thanks for liking my work though. It helps.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is one of a project series taking September connected elements, some familiar, some personal, and using them to consider colour and composition.

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