More Buzz Bees!!

More Buzz Bees!!

This had me stumped Debs but I googled it and it all makes sense now! Wonderful dancing bees, a clever interpretation of the theme!

Lovely Debs I think you have the whole hive here

magnificent hehe

Thanks Christine bit before even my time!! lol

Thanks Dennis and Tony, you could say I had' a bee in my bonnet' about this challenge!

Amazing Debs, must have taken you ages to's fantstic and will take some bee-ting!!

I don't know BB but this drawing is marvellous, Debs! I'll google.

Thanks Fiona and Satu, I'm glad you are going to Google him, he's worth having a look at - amazing choreography !!

Love the formation dancing a la Busby - great idea and beautifully drawn, Debs.

Imaginative thinking Debs - yes I remember the Busby Berkeley movies - this is clever!

Oh dear - sad to say I've heard of BB - this is brilliant Debs

Thanks Thea Julie and Michael, your comments always appreciated. Michael I only just remember him, fascinating stuff for a mere child in arms to watch!! lol

Rather beautiful dancing bees here Debs!

A kaleidoscope of bees Debs, so cleveryou are good at these!. Still got to google him.

Thanks Louise and Carole, I think I'm buzzed out now!!

I haven't looked it up, Debs, but I just like the image! Love that hive of activity!

Thanks Seok, he&#39;s worth a look, used to make dance routines from a kaleidoscope of people!!<br />

Hang on Studio Wall

Last one I promise, hope some of you have heard of the famous Busby Berkley, if not this joke is going to be pretty flat! lol

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