Congratulations Debs, wonderful news! You must be double happy!! As for this gorgeous bird, he is a cracker! Lovely use of watercolours, great design and interesting composition. Well done grandma!

Many thanks Satu on both counts!!

Congrats from me Debs, I've a feeling that you'll be rather busy! Lovely 'loose' watercolour here of what I think is a raven? I like the touches of purple on his feathers and the way that you've split the composition in to three sections.(sky,bird and foreground)

How wonderful Debs, you must be thrilled! I love the bird too!

PS, you'll need to rename your gallery to 'Just me and my Gran' :)

Thanks Christine, yes thrilled to bits! Thanks Louise you are a wag lol!! but it would have to be 'Just me and my Nan' as I'm a Nana not a gran!!

Many congratulations Debs! Love your Raven, he looks, as they are, mischievous.

I see you have had a little time off from your grandmotherly duties to do some painting. I know the problem of snatching a few moments to yourself when there is so much to be done and helped with. Love the bird - is it a raven? It's so hard to convey black in an interesting way but you have done exactly that by clever use of shades of purple and blue. Super work. (P.S. You are lucky that you can use the photos of PMP - I got logged out on a permanent basis because I left a review on a book written by the chap who apparently started the site and it wasn't complimentary enough for his likeing, so he pulled the plug on my subscription. Considering the review was on Amazon and not even on PMP, I thought that it was a rather excessive reaction! I don't think I am the first person on POL to have fallen foul of this chap's wrath - so beware!)

Congratulations, Debs! And a lovely painting to make a comeback! I like the subtle colors and the loose washes.

Thanks for the good wishes and comments Fiona and Seok, lovely to be back on here, I have missed you all!

Gosh Thea, what a mean thing to happen to you! I shall take heed of your warning and 'keep my breath to cool my porridge' Yes it is a Raven, and I'm happy you liked the colours in him, that's why I plumped for WC as opposed to ink in the end, though the ink was very tempting lol !

Congrats Debs - we are expecting another grand child at any time but twins.... Like the bird by the way.

Thank you Michael and congrats on your new grandchild!

It's lovely Debs and great to see you back posting again

Hi Ros it's lovely to be back! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

A lovely dramatic painting Debs, I like the colours in the feathers. I also like the 'save my breath to cool my porridge'! great saying ;o)) Hope life is not too hard with your additions to the family ;o)

Lovely colours in the Ravens plumage Debs, but is that an evil glint I see in its eye :) Glad you've found time to paint with all your Nana duties and hope the boys are doing well X

Thanks Carole, the saying was one of my Mums, no idea why not a drop of Scots blood in her! lol

Thanks Val - yes there is an evil glint in it's eye, well spotted! The boys are doing well and Mum and Dad have taken to it like ducks to water!

Congratulations!! I hope you are enjoying it. I've only been away from the site for 4 days and how many pages ...? Gorgeous colours.

Many thanks Gudrun!

Hi Debs, been checking out all of your paintings and drawings. So many fantastic images. This one has dramatic atmosphere. Huge talent.

Posted by Ian Fair on Mon 15 Dec 22:41:35
Hang on Studio Wall

Apologies for not being around much or commenting on your posts, but we have exciting times in the family as my son and his wife have just had twin boys, so I have been busy,busy!! I saw this on PMP ages ago and really wanted to give it a go but wasn't quite sure how to tackle it, in ink or watercolour, decided on the later eventually.

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