Empty eyes

Empty eyes

I think it is very good as it is. I wouldn't add a background. That is going to put the attention away from the lovely figure and colourful hat!

Thank you Mia, I wasn't sure so I wanted someone else's opinion!

I agree with Mia, I like it as it is, lovely painting Debs

Please please don't add a background - it is so good as presented and a background will compete with the image and spoil it - this is superb.

Well - you know what I am going to say, Debs! No background - love the white paper to show up the super colours. Lovely impressionistic painting - very thought provoking as well - as though the lady was sad and was looking back into herself (or am I getting a bit too fanciful!). Great paint handling as well.

Thank you Petra, Michael and Thea for taking the time to comment and your advice. Thea you are not being fanciful at all, the lady was sad and full of longing, so I'm very happy you picked up on that!

Beautifully painted, love the hat and how you handled that delibrate cauliflower, her lips are also really well done too, and I would not add a background unless you wanted a tiny whiff of misty colour leaving her to add to the mystery

Thanks Norah, and you're right, I think I will have another go and copy this one and add to it, but not touch this one as I would be sorry to ruin it, she's growing on me!

Love the era Debs, she is so elegant. Great blending of colour in her complexion.

Thanks Carole, one of my favourite eras too.

Hang on Studio Wall

Was going to do a very detailed background, but I think I like it as it is, what do you think?

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