'It was high time to go, for the pool was getting quite crowded' Alice in Wonderland

'It was high time to go, for the pool was getting quite crowded' Alice in Wonderland

Tired of it, you are joking Debs, smashing piece and so much detail.

I was more Secret Seven - anyway this has great charm and appeal - glad you stuck with it

Super illustration Debs. I was in to the famous five as well and still remember them all!

Swallows and Mazons for me, must have another look it Ransom's writings.

Thank you Derek, Louise and Michael for such kind comments, yes I loved Secret Seven and Swallows and Amazons and do you remember The Adventure Series? Castle of Adventure, Island of Adventure etc with Philip and his parrot Kiki, by Enid Blyton - it's all coming back to me now lol !!

Debs this is fabulous! I love the combination of black and orange it's so striking. I once saw a couple of sketches done during the battle of the Somme and they used the same combination of colours. They were images of the stark standing trees silhouetted against the sky line. I was an Enid Blyton fan and also Sherlock Holmes...my hero.

Wonderful detail - there is so much to draw the eye and hold the interest. A beautiful piece of work Debs.

Thanks very much Fiona and Julie your comments are much appreciated !!

It is absolutely stunning Debs! All the birds and Alice swimming and every detail is just perfect. There is so much to look at!!! I never liked Alice in Wonderland and wanted to be George like you. What a wonderful time they had, the Famous Five!

Thank you Gudrun and Satu for such great comments - I'm chuffed you like it so much, yes Satu I think most of us girls wanted to be George, especially compared to her sissy cousin Anne !!

Debs, I was sure i had put my comment on here:$ Nutty or what! Bet I never pressed reply! This is so good, so interesting to look at and find all the little subjects. Don't let go of Alice you do these so professionally.

Aw thanks Carole, don't worry I know the feeling!!

Hang on Studio Wall

I've been working on this on and off for weeks, there are things I would change but I'm tired of it now so it's 'publish and be damned'! Not sure why I can't let go of Alice, it was never a favourite when I was a child, I was more a Famous Five girl back then and I did so want to be George !! lol

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