'Down the Rabbit Hole'

'Down the Rabbit Hole'

Beautiful illustration Debs, such detail!

Absolutely brilliant Debs! I don't know where to look first, I may have to come back to this one again......and again, so I don't miss anything.

Hi Debs recognised these characters of yours straight away! Good to see you back amongst us after being away for a little while, you have been busy with this one lots of detail, hope you are keeping well

I look forward to the complete set! Wonderful and effective.

How do you come up with images like these Debs? They are fantastic, so much to look at and such great detail. Remember, I'm first in line for that book when you get them published :) X

Thank you very much Louise, Fiona, Ros, Gudrun and Val for such positive comments! It means a lot to have feedback especially from artists that I rate highly, such as yourselves! ps Val if I ever do get them published you can have a signed first edition!!!

Amazing work - so detailed and beautifully drawn. All the expressions on the different faces are wonderful and help to tell the tale so eloquently. Give yourself 10 out of 10 for this one!

Debs, excellent work such an imagination you have! I'm the second in line for your book!

Such fun to look at and I hope it was fun to do. It is brilliant. I look forward to your next. What size is it?

Really good. You have made such a brilliant composition which is so satisfying to explore.

Many thanks Thea,for all your support of my work, Carole [ yup book for you too lol!] Sian the size is 14"x10" and Shirley I'm happy you liked the 'exploring' I was always fascinated as a child [you can now tell my age!] as pictures in story books were few and far between and often a bit of a disappointment as for me there was never enough detail, the very best ones would be packed with 'extras' that would take you a long time to spot or even understand.

Debs, this is fantastic!! Wonderful imagination, drawings of superior quality, fun, mysterious and very attractive. Third in line for the book!

Thank you so very much Satu, means such a lot to get such positive feedback from everyone, and you'll certainly have a copy! lol

Really gorgeous, Debs! Love the whimsical nature of the illustration and the joie de vivre that it projects.

Thanks for such a nice comment Seok!

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The first in my series of Alice in Wonderland illustrations. I've posted some of them before but obviously in the wrong order, don't know why - that's just the way they came into my head! [ perhaps Alice is taking over!] So I've started a new Gallery and hope to post them all on here, in the right order! Comments always welcome and thanks for looking!

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