Where's My Ball?

Where's My Ball?

So much info in such a small painting Dawn, good textures in the tree trunk.

Nice little Painting Dawn got a sensitive feel to it

As has been said, you have fitted a lot into such a small space Dawn, I particularly like the little dog trying to spot it's ball amongst the leaves. The tree trunk works well too, with foliage, as watercolour is transparent you need either to leaves gaps and add the dark branches later. Or quickly add the foliage while the branches are still damp and the colours will merge, takes practice but can work well.

Thanks Carol, Dennis and Stephen for your kind comments. This one came from my imagination. Perhaps you can tell that walking my dog in the woods is one of my favourite things!

Did he find his ball among all those Autumn leaves Dawn? lol He looks a plucky wee thing and the star of this smashing painting.

Thanks, Fiona. He found his ball. No peace for the ball thrower but that's half the fun.

Hang on Studio Wall

Quick watercolour sketch inspired by a walk in the woods with my dog today. This is only 3.5 by 2.5 inches. I wanted to practise some watercolour techniques and used an off cut of paper, but quite liked the results.

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I started painting in Jan 2016 after the death of my youngest sister. I found it great therapy and still do! I love experimenting with different techniques and media. This year, I have set myself a challenge of working on my portrait skills, but I do love to paint animals and landscapes…

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