The one that didn't get away


You painted it really well Dawn.. the shine is great, looks really slippery 👍🏻

Thanks Rachel. Unfortunately the camera doesn't pick up the shi e from the metallic and pearlescent colour.

Yes, lovely tones on that shiny, slippery body. Good work, Dawn.

Like this subject - works a treat!

Thanks Lewis and Heather.

Eel fishing was my favourite fishing when I was a lass Dawn. You could keep your salmon and trout fishing, give me a nights eel fishing...loved it. Tasty too! Lovely sinuous curves, especially that part at its middle, perfectly portrayed.

I've never fished or eaten eels, Fiona, tho I did fish for carp etc with my dad as a child. I'll take your word for it that they are tasty! Thanks for the lovely comments.

He really looks slimy and shiny. How an earth you achieved that result is so clever Dawn.

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This is probably the most unusual subject I've been asked to paint. Eel caught in the canal, Leigh, Lancs. I used some metallic pencils over the top and it really shines in the light, which the camera doesn't pick up.

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