Great Tit

Great Tit

This is lovely Dawn, he has an alert expression with that glint in his eye :)

Not an easy subject. Glad you put the great tit to the side looking in. That makes it! I presume you were using Inktense pencils. I've used the sticks and paints. The colour can be really bright (intense is the word!) so I find you have to be careful.

Thank you Frank and Karen. Yes, it is inktense pencils. I really like them. I used a bit if the signo gel pen for the white highlights. The ref photo was a real gift to work from.

Smashing. An excellent lively pose, he could take flight at any moment.

You’ve captured the feathers really well

Thank you Lewis and Nicola.

Lovely colours from the inktense Dawn, a very nice painting 😀

Dawn what a beauty he/she is. Love the expression, very accomplished.

Thank you Fiona. I think it may be a Christmas robin next x

Hang on Studio Wall

Inktense on craft paper from another lovely ref photo given to me by Chris Saunders.

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