Demise of the Galley Uncle

Demise of the Galley Uncle

Wow! Some commemoration and so well done. Love your portfolio

This painting is amazing and sad. My Great Uncle Earle Bir was the radioman on this flight. It makes me wonder where he is in this painting.

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During ww2 a B17 Flying Fortress, code named the Galley Uncle en route from Bangor Maine USA to Prestwick in Scotland.ran short of fuel approaching the Irish coast, it crashed beside the Graan Monastery in Enniskillen fatally injuring 7 of the crew of 12. Monks from the monastery saved the other 5. This painting was commissioned to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the accident and now hangs in the Graan.

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David Briggs

Self taught, member of Guild of Motoring Artists and Guild of Railway Artists. Paint solely in Acrylics

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