Oil portrait 2

Oil portrait 2

I see all your self-criticism and agree with it, but all the same your painting has presence and power. Just keep going, basically. As well as or instead of Liquin, try Stand Oil occasionally, or just Linseed; and obviously watch the level of the eyes in relation to each other; local skin colour is much less important than accurate observation, and tone. Am I right to say that you've only explored oils very recently, after watercolour? (Old memory not what it was ....) If so, I think this is another achievement - some abilities take an age to teach, though it can be done; others are just there: yours, I think, are just there and simply need application, practice, and persistence. I wouldn't run on like this by the way, other than that I think you have great potential - keep up the practice, open up (i.e. keep trying new things and be adventurous with your colour) and I think you can go a long, long way. And when you do, don't forget your indigent friends: the occasional flask of brandy, the odd premium cigar ..... you won't want to hold back, I know......

Thanks Rob... yes this was the second time I ever handled oils...before I tried watercolours (aside from as a child that was new to me too) I don't know which medium is mine yet...

David this is ever so good, I have never tried to paint a portrait - I'm a coward! I'm sure, as Robert says, you have loads of potential so keep at it😀

I'd say you will definitely achieve what you are aiming for David, you have got lovely shadows in there. I haven't used oils in a long time and then I was using water soluble oils which I found quite good, I keep fancying having another go but I'm trying to get to grips with acrylic, not very successfully, ☺️

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Again just playing with these oils, this didn't take very long at all hence it isn't very polished. If I want a good result I really need to take longer... also I was a bit lazy with my mixing, I mixed only a couple of skin colours and then I was mixing on the canvas just by adding white, yellow or burnt sienna. I also tried Liquin which I found made the paint much easier to handle,

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Inspired by an artist friend I came back to paint a bit at the end of 2017. At the moment I am enjoying it and maybe because I have the patience to look more than I once did I am finding it easier and more enjoyable to actually produce a likeness.

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