Symondsbury from Colmer Hill


Looking at your previous painting my opinion is that this one is better because you needed a lighter sky to allow for the very bright light on the front of the houses and other buildings. It is much more credible in this painting Michael. Hope that helps.

I think I prefer the moody atmospherics of the first posting. I think the contrast between the darl sky and the sunlit village worked well. Which is not to say version 2 does not work, it is just personal preference. I think both a really good.

Thank you Carole, that’s very much along the lines I was thinking. I thought previously the sky distracted from the focus of the painting (being the church and buildings)

Thanks Tony, I appreciate your opinion I was just concerned that it was too much of a distraction.

I think both are very good but my personal preference is for the first.

I like this painting, i like the squareness of the buildings and the softness to the trees and shrubs, it works really well.

Like the unusual viewpoint here also the gentle palette which adds to the pastoral feel. I did not see the previous version referred to by Carole so can't comment, but I think this one works well.

I think I prefer this one, Michael. The brighter blue gives a sunnier feel and links nicely with the blue shadows on the houses.

I agree with Tony, I think the first one works better for exactly the same reasons.

A worthwhile read on acrylics can be found at › file › caring-acrylics. I remember, reading a while ago that the painting by David Hockney, an advocate once of Acrylic, "Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy 1970–1", was beginning to lift. It's a new medium still, and it seems the best advice is not to paint oil over acrylic or, acrylic over oil.

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I posted this painting a couple of days ago and then wanted to change the sky as I thought the colour was too weak and the clouds too strong. I left the other painting on here so that whoever takes the time to look at this could give me an opinion on whether it has improved it or not.

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