“Hi G’nma G’ndad”


That's great, Christine. Love the concept and it's full of charm.

Lovely Christine and so small and on that surface

What a great idea Christine. Lockdown in a nutshell and beautifully painted.

That lovely face would brighten everyone's day Christine.

Thank you all for your kind comments. Yes Heather it wasn’t easy on non watercolour paper. It was the highlight of our day Carole in lockdown and yes Russell she’s got a great smile- my painting doesn’t really do it justice.

Hang on Studio Wall

This was my submission to ‘A letter in Mind’ to raise funds for the National Brain appeal. You had to submit a picture on an envelope depicting life in lockdown. This is our 2 yr old granddaughter brightening up our day every day on Facetime with a huge beaming smile and blowing us kisses. It wasn’t easy painting on an envelope and watercolour is not my preferred medium- but I’m so pleased to say it sold!

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From a young age as long as I had pencil and paper to hand, I’ve been happy. I have dabbled mainly with watercolour and in an effort to become more proficient joined local art classes. However since retiring I’ve had the opportunity (and time!) to try different media, and discovered a love of…

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