HMS Defence at Jutland

HMS Defence at Jutland

Full of power and energy, lovely depiction of dramatic waves. Thanks also Chris for you nice comment on my local Howden scene. I learned lots about sea and skiy painting from Martin Kinnear at Norfolk Painting School - he uses old master and impressionist techniques etc. and I learned more in 2 days than I had in 4 years of painting.

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I found getting the perspective of the ship right very difficult as I have shown the ship from an aerial view. My details come from studying photographs of her. No aerial photos exist. I had to make many exploratory drawings first and this is the result. The Defence blew up at Jutland with the loss of her entire crew, including my Grandmother's cousin. A sad loss. Here she is just before being hit by the German battleships

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Chris Howat

I started to paint seriously when I retired and attended a weekly class for a few years. After our teacher retired, our group continued to meet and we have found that this helps and encourages us. We have visiting artists to give workshops every month. I have tried all mediums except oils and loveā€¦

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