Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister

Don’t know anything about ‘Game of Thrones’ but this character looks other worldly and a man you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. Love the way you have painted the hair and those evil eyes Chandra.

Thank you so much Carole...Yes, he probably does have that look about him...he is actually a dwarf, (played by Peter Dinlelage) very wise, kindly and clever.

Scary wouldn't want to meet him in a dark passage😃😄😬

Ah, Les, looks can be deceiving....he is battle scarred so I guess he could look a bit scary, especially I guess if your not familiar with the character.

I don't know the characters of "Game of Thrones", but my son told me there is a good likeness, Chandra.

Thank you, Cesare....I’m glad he is recognisable ( by your son at least!) This character was a very interesting face to paint, as he has scars from injuries sustained in battle.

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I must confess, I am a great fan of ‘Game of Thrones’, This is one of my favourite characters from the series...thought I would try some portraiture for a change!

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