Capri Girl of JSS

Capri Girl of JSS

Very good Cesare - are we starting off again, "tifosi" of JSS?

Rosina was from Capri I think.

Good drawing Cesare. Wonder why so many uploads of this lady?

Yes she is very beautiful and you have captured it Cesare.

Good work.

Posted by T H on Mon 11 Dec 10:50:25

Excellent drawing, Cesare - delicately done...

Nice work Cesare.

Really nice ,Cesare

Thank you Marjorie, John, Carole, Timothy, Jan, Jim, André, Russel, and Dennis. Hi Marjorie, I thought we cannot but be all "tifosi" of this great artist and incomparable watercolourist. It seems to me there is now a challenge about JSS.

That's excellent work Cesare

Thank you Dermot and Sandra.

Delightful, Cesare.

Thanks so much, Alan.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pancil on watercolour paper 24 x 30. I like better the Capri girl of JSS

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I am a retired psychiatrist and I started drawing portraits in my childhood. In adulthood I have tasted oil paints during a short period lacking in outcome, then I gave up painting. Since I am retired, I have started paint watercolour. I have attended courses and workshops of watercolour in Italy…

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