Rome sunset

Rome sunset

I haven't attempted a landscape with my coloured pencils yet so I must try. At least you have had a go Carolyn, it's not so easy to blend pencils as it is to use watercolour. Have another go!

I think you have made a good attempt Carolyn, as Margaret said watercolour pencils aren't easy to blend, but you have got a lovely rosey glow to your painting, I haven't attempted anything big with them, so well done for trying, what I can say to you is don't be afraid to add plenty of water and use a decent size brush when working big, I hope this helps.

Margaret, I just thought that as it was such a busy scene I would use wYercolour pencils. I have decided to be more adventurous when I have the time !

Thank you Linda. I did use waterbrushes but think they were too small. I've got it in my head to get a big paintbrush and put a wash on the whole of the picture. Not sure whether to use just water or to glaxe it with a pale purple. Any ideas?

Don't go with a wash over everything, do a small section at a time, say for instance, do your buildings first then be more adventurous and go for the water, hope I haven't gone on too long 🤣🤣🤣

Thanks Linda, I will give it a try. Your help and advice is always well received :-)

I do like the effect that has been achieved here with the pencils, an under-rated medium.

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A complete change....Oh no! .... the photo that I took of this scene is very pretty. alas I cannot reproduce it. Coloured watercolour pencil

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