My Daughter-in-Law, Amanda (oil pastels)


Looks excellent to me Carole.

Great experiment. What a lovely smile she has!

Jolly good Carole. The dark shadow across Amanda’s eyes is striking and accentuates the sunlit nose cheek and chin. Like the glint on the specs frames. Normally like to see the eyes but your portrait works very well and I like the dark green background.

I love the energy, colour (of course), movement and sense of fun this lovely painting converts Carole; it communicates a person who would be lovely to meet; Love and God bless xxx


Lovely, beautifully done. You have done a very good job with oil pastels Carole.

Vivacious portrait Carole, great work.

She looks full of joy Carole, it's such a happy, bright portrait.

How lovely of you all to comment so positively on my work. Was very unsure of the bright colours but I so appreciate your words of encouragement Marjorie, Christine, Petra, Michael, Andrew, David, Natalja,Romila & Russell.

You achieve great results with oil pastels Carole - a lovely portrait.

Great portrait, such a lovely pose!

I like the colour and vibrancy, suits her personality by the look of it - hope you're enjoying Spain Carole

You have brought out the fun side of Amanda. Lovely work

Posted by Bob Ward on Sat 25 Sep 10:12:08

Just fabulous!!

Thank you so much Sarah., Thalia, Heather, Bob & Audrey. Really appreciate your lovely comments.

It’s good to be back in Spain Heather but a bit too hot for comfort at the moment. Hoping it will cool down soon😍😍

Another good oil pastel Carole. I especially like the smile and the way you have done the glasses.

Full of joy Carole… the sunglasses.

Lovely colourful portrait Carole, Amanda looks such a happy person.

Thank you so much Gillian, David & Fiona for your encouraging comments.

That is a beautiful painting Carole full of colour and happiness.

Thank you so much Shaun £ Shekinah for your kind comments. Hope all is well with you in Cyprus now Shaun. Have just come out to Spain and had a rather tumultuous week but all is well now.

Vibrant, joyful portrait,

Beautiful portrait Carole! Love the lights & shades and the way you have mastered this!!

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Sorry haven’t been able to comment for a while, as I am now in Spain. Had some heavy storms and no internet for 4 days. Back to normal now. Did this in oil pastels on pastelmat paper. A good surface to work on but quite tricky moving the paint about and details are problematic. Enjoyed the experience and great that there’s no dust and smudging. The colours are a bit brash but it’s all very experimental. 12” x 16”.

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