My 80 year old sister, Madeleine

My 80 year old sister,  Madeleine

Love the light shining on her. She’s got a very warm smile that you’ve captured.

So full of light Carole. What does she think of it? Whenever I do my family the response is usually "understated"😐

Beautifully done, Carole :)

Thank you Christine an Margaret for your lovely comments. Very much appreciated. Marjorie I agree with you. My sister doesn’t like it very much because her neck is very wrinkled but I think she’s a beautiful woman at 80 years’ old. She has always had amazing eyes but it is difficult to do her justice to be fair.

Your sister looks like a very happy and good humoured lady. Love the light. Fabulous work Carole.

Thank you for your lovely comments Carolyn. As my sister is a lot older than me she can be very bossy but she has a generous heart and I’m fortunate to have her in our old age.

She looks so warm, and caring. I never like photos of myself, so I can imagine why she doesnt like a painting, I think its natural to not like an image of yourself no matter the medium, dont take offence, it's just human nature. This is a really good painting.

A rather superb portrait of your sister Carole. You’ve been brave with that colour background but you’ve pulled it off!

What a lovely vibrant portrait Carole. You've captured a real glow.

Thank you so much Alan, Jennifer and Susan for such encouraging comments. They really help to still one’s self doubt, especially when there is no one else to give feedback at home. I find it difficult to get to art clubs and family can be ultra critical and disparaging at times.

Lovely work, Carole.

This portrait definitely make its model so happy , so uplifting and satisfy 100%. Especially a lady with 80 years life history and sister is not easy but worth challenging. Heartfelt piece, beautifully painted, I can see she has got your eyes, I guess.

Thank you Cesare for your generous comment. Yoko I do so appreciate all the lovely comments you have made about my work. It means so much to me, especially from such an accomplished artist as yourself. .

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