Pears on my kitchen table on a sunny afternoon

Pears on my kitchen table on a sunny afternoon

Great painting Rikke

Thank you George. Much appreciated.

Another good one, Rikki. I love oils in this loose style!!

Has a lovely quality to it Rikke

Rikke - Is this a traditional painted oil on canvas/board, or a digital version/photo manipulation on Artrage?

Thank you David and Heather. Much appreciated.

I like this a lot, lovely light and shadows

Hi Alan. I don't do photo manipulation and traditional paintings. Painting software like Artrage and Paintstorm also do not allow for photo manipulation. You have to use digital brushes and "paint" on a blank canvas from scratch. This is a digital painting from scratch using my desktop computer, Paintstorm software and third party digital oil brushes. In other words, it's a free-hand painting using digital software. Traditional artists use a brush on a canvas or paper surface. I use a pen/stylus on a Wacom tablet. The pen/stylus is my brush and the tablet is my surface. All my work is digital. I use either Artrage or Paintstorm and a Wacom Intuos Tablet. Artrage:

Thank you Romila. Much appreciated.

Thanks for the clarification Rikke! It wasn’t clear in your description which is the reason I asked. I’m a traditional painter, and also a regular feature writer for The Artist magazine, which this website belongs to. I’ve no issues with digital work, as long as it’s clearly stated, so that there can be no confusion when members comment!

Hi Alan. Noted. I am interested in having a look at some of your feature writings.

Unfortunately The Artist magazine is only distributed in the U.K. Rikke…via the usual retooutlets and also as a monthly subscription. You may be able to subscribe and get it delivered to Montmarte, best to speak with Dawn Farley, she’s the online editor and runs this site… She’ll be able to point you in the right direction I’m sure. [email protected] The magazine is in its 90th year and I’m sure you’d find it interesting. It is mainly traditional painting but there are features on digital work occasionally. I have a double feature starting in the next edition relating to skies and capturing the light in oils.

Check out the subscription page.

Thank you Alan and Gudrun.

A super painting Rikke. I really like the way you have painted the wall to act as a contrast to the table scene.

Thank you Spencer. Much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is a fairly loose oil work.

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My first name is Danish and is pronounced "Ricky". I am married and have a 10 year old son. His mother and I are home schooling him Cambridge International. We live in Montmartre, Paris. I mostly work from home so I have some free time to dabble in art. All my paintings and drawings are digital.

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