Nice one Rikke - I like “ ordinary” subjects to paint, you can always find something interesting about them - often how the light falls.

I agree with Marjorie, I really like it.

That’s a wonderful study Rikke. I love a still life which has life about it and this really caught my attention

Agree with Marjorie and like this a lot too.

Wonderful colour, and I like the way you've merely suggested the text on the tin. I like it very much.

Thank you Marjorie, Valerie, Diana, Heather and Lewis. Much appreciated.

Just love that Rikke!! That is a superb still life!

It has all been said Rikke, superb still life.

Thank you David and Richard. Much appreciated.

Looks great Rikke.

Wonderful painting, Rikke - is this digital or painted with oils? I wasn't sure from your description...

Thank you Denise and Jan. Much appreciated. Digital.

An ordinary subject beautifully and artistically drawn and painted.

Thank you Spencer and Alexandra. Much appreciated.

Wow, brilliant.

Posted by Olga D. on Wed 08 Jun 06:22:13

Thank you Olga. Much appreciated.

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