Great blue herons

Great blue herons

Has a lovely quality to it

Very atmospheric Rikke.

This is gorgeous Rikke. You can lose yourself within this painting.

Lovely work Rikki. 🙂

This has an ethereal feeling about it, Rikke. Beautiful.

Thank you Heather, Chris, Spencer, Faye and Ellen. Much appreciated.

This is gorgeous Rikke, one of my favourites of yours.

Thank you Val. Much appreciated.

That is superb, Rikke!! Love the atmosphere of the painting!!

Lyrical, and I love the muted palette. It also highlights something I noticed when I found a heron in my pond, they are large birds but when they open those magnificent wings they become depicted in your fine painting.

Thank you David and Lewis. Much appreciated.

I like the ethereal quality of this Rikke.

Thank you Diane. Much appreciated.

Great painting, Rikke! Very cleverly painted. The scene goes on forever

Thank you Bob. Much appreciated.

Everyone has remarked on the atmospheric feeling which this has. Also, I don’t know whether it’s because of the herons or the restricted colour but it has an oriental feel to me - very nice.

Thank you Marjorie. Much appreciated.

Yes, atmospheric is the word for this beauty.

Thank you Richard. Much appreciated.

Wow ! Just beautiful

Thank you Valerie. Much appreciated.

Really like this, very atmospheric, lovely muted colours.

Thank you Jenny. Much appreciated.

This is beautiful

Thank you Rachel. Much appreciated.

Beautiful love this Rikke.

Thank you Carole. Much appreciated.

Such an eye catching painting. I love all those textures in the dark background

Thank you Diana. Much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

Third party oil brushes.

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My first name is Danish and is pronounced "Ricky". I am married and have a 10 year old son. His mother and I are home schooling him Cambridge International. We live in Montmartre, Paris. I mostly work from home so I have some free time to dabble in art. All my paintings and drawings are digital.

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