Not So Sure I Should Have Done That

Not So Sure I Should Have Done That

The question is - what did she do?! Nice one Barry- she does look scared!

I know the feeling, Barry. 'Young' is difficult...quite a few of my children turn out middle-aged. But what you have here is an expressive painting of a young woman, with your usual flair for colour. Nice one.

It’s a mystery Tessa but with eyes like that I am sure she will get away with it.

Thanks Lewis, it’s really heartening to hear thar someone with your great skill occasionally has the same difficulties.

Forget who it was meant to be, the expression certainly works.

Than you Margorie, started as my granddaughter and ended up as unknown girl.

Haunting and enchanting Barry.

Thank you Fiona.

It definitely works, Barry. The anxiety is palpable and she strikes me as a youth come young lady. Great expression. Brian

One of life's irritants is when seeing a painting such as this people will ask "Who is it supposed to be?". This is a good example Barry. Why not just the sentiment/action that matters rather than it actually having to be/resemble anyone. The painting stands up for itself. If it needed a title, "Perplexed" seems to suit. Nice work.

Well she’s lovely, either way.

Your title is absolutely correct Barry. She really does have a guilty conscience. Great portrait.

Thanks to Brian, Jim, Ellen and Dorothy, I agree that portraits don’t always have to be about a close likeness,I posted this as I felt there was the narrative element due to her expression.

Besides the likeness, it is an expressive portrait, Barry.

Thank you Cesare, my feelings exactly and that’s why I posted it.

Such an expressive and impressive picture. Lovely portrait

Thank Thalia I appreciate your comments.

Great expression and painting

Love a portrait that tells a tale. This pose has a sense of 'oh no ' about it , and so well painted. A big thumbs up.

Hang on Studio Wall

Have to be honest started off as a portrait of my young granddaughter and then as the likeness faded it metamorphosed into a older girl or young woman.

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