My big doodle

My big doodle

If this is a doodle then doodle on Barry - a great piece in its own right Barry. Any errors would not be perceived by many - one man's flaws are another man's highlights. And who is to say what is an error anyway - improvements maybe, but errors?

Lovely work Barry, as you say doodling takes away all the need to fiddle and complicate a scene, this reminds me of the work of the modern impressionist painters work I enjoy viewing in the magazines.

Thanks Michael, I agree from my point of view my errors would relate to composition and some poor marks but I am willing to wager that I wouldn't get the same freshness if I did another version with those points in mind. Also thanks to Stephen those painters in the magazines are probably the same ones that I admire but I hope I am not to similar as I want to develop my own style.

I agree with everything you say below Barry. Although I rarely paint in watercolour I find I get tighter and tighter the more I stick to a "plan". I'm afraid the next thing I post may show this too. But I'm going to make an effort to "doodle". Great result here though.

Well done to have the courage to work in this loose way. Ticks most boxes for me Barry.

Thanks for your comments to Margorie, Dennis, Linda and Gudrun.

Very nice picture, Barry.

Hang on Studio Wall

I have posted this his picture which was basically a twenty five minute doodle of an invented scene, as it served as a lesson to remind me about painting with watercolour. Although there are many errors in the picture it was illustrating the benefit of keeping things simple, letting watercolour do its own thing, the use of counterchange dark against light, light against dark, leaving things alone and resisting the urge to fiddle. I forget so many of these basics when I get absorbed in a piece of work and am resolved to continue with my doodles as a constant reminder in the future. I would be interested to hear what others think on this subject.

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