Khadi exercise

Khadi exercise

The tinted paper is just right for this low sun scene. The glimmer of colour on the figures in shade is just brilliant.

It is an attractive piece. You’re brave trying Khadi again, I had about as much luck with it as painting on a tea towel! Intrigued by the tinting though.

Beautiful work Barry a cracker

Thank you Carole, Karen and Dennis, more experimenting perhaps after a promising start.

I've no idea what Khadi paper is. This is a very fine painting, I especially like the way Barry does his people. They are so simply painted, but they're real and all looking like they are doing something.

Thank you Lewis, Khadi paper is handmade in India and to my mind reacts to paint much like blotting paper would.

The piece is fine and on that paper helps too

This has worked really well Barry, I like it a lot.

Thank you Derek and Rachel, I like the result and may produce a few more.

Khadi paper isn't sized, is it? So it'll just drink up any water, belch happily, and ask for more - I've yet to try it, but it looks as though it would benefit from dry-brush. You've got a very evocative feel to this one, so perseverance will pay off, given your mastery of just about any other surface you've laid hands on.

This seems to have worked well Barry ,

Thanks for the explanation of what khadi paper is as I have never come across this before. Seems to me that it would be really difficult to use, so I will give it a miss! Your painting has come out really well though Barry.

Great piece

Posted by T H on Thu 21 Dec 18:18:43

Thank you Robert, David, Margaret, Maureen and Timothy the response on this has surprised me it’s even been put on the top row.

It is a lovely picture. I found Khadi paper tricky to use, but once you get the hang, very nice.

Thank you Shirley, I don’t give up easily and hope to master it in time.

You did a great job Barry. Personally I cannot work on this type of paper with watercolours but I can see many people make good use of it.

Posted on Sat 23 Dec 21:06:54

Thank you Ibolya, I visited Trevor Waugh’s studio a while back and he uses Indian paper for his wonderful desert scenes with Bedouin tribesmen and camels. I’m not in his class but it encourages me to persevere.

Hang on Studio Wall

A while ago I bought some Khadi watercolour paper and after several paintings I decided it did suit my style and put it to one side. I am now having another try and this was a experiment to find out what sort of washes and marks would work. It’s painted on a 6”x5” tinted sheet from a small sketch pad. Although simple I found it an attractive piec.

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