Brooklyn Bridge


Love all the straight lines in this great drawing Bari.

Lovely Bari.

Love your very sharp observation skills Bari.

Superb once again Bari !

Amazing again Bari, great stuff!

The perspective and detail is amazing as always.

Another great one. I love the detail you put in.

Super pen and ink and, wow, all those perspectives!

I agree with the previous comments, but if the figure were further to the right it would not coincide with the vertical leg of the bridge.

Excellent perspective...I agree with Barrie, though my thought was for the figure to be more to the left, avoiding the leg of the bridge but walking into the picture.

Thanks for all the positive feedback and yes I did move the figure around but the only open space was to the left which left a big gap on the right. So she went back to the middle.

I like listening to what the artist considers. It’s not as simple as it may seem, is it? So many other considerations to take into account.

I meant to add that it’s still a very accomplished piece.

Your nom de plume should be "Patience". You seem to have ample of it for this beautiful work. Great lines, awesome detailing.

Hang on Studio Wall

pen and ink 20x30cm drawing

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Bari Marsh

After leaving school I like many others was told 'get a proper job', so I did a plumbing apprenticeship going on to work on fluid logic robotics in the car industry. At the age of 40 I had a mid life crisis and did a year at art and design college leading to a three year product design degree.…

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