The red telephone box!!!

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Lovely detail David. The red telephone box certainly enhances this against your brickwork. A very good one. Alot of boxes also have defibrillators now.

Clever use of colour, good one David!

Really like this and how you have included the red phone box ! Great picture

As said excellent choice of colours. Saw a red telephone box recently that was being used as a sort of library. Bring a book, take a book as you have said.

The choice of monotones with only the focus point in colour works well!

Great details and a lovely painting David

I like this idea of minimum local colour in a mainly monotone painting, makes for a striking effect David.

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A painting I have just completed using ink, watercolours and soluble coloured pencil crayons. I have a love for these old telephone boxes and with advent of mobile phones they have become very scarce! I love it when in some rural locations they have been turned into mini libraries!

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