Imgiebah farmhouse

Imgiebah farmhouse

This is sooo beautiful, Anthony. Beautiful sunlight on the building and I love your different greens. Did you use a pen on the plants?

Thanks Mia. For straight lines I used a flat brush, for curved line and the "detail" on the left wall I used a rigger brush.

A really splendid piece. The light is wonderful and I especially like the rendition of the plants.

I really like this colourful scene it reminds me of great times spent around around the Med.

Lovely work. The greens are superb - I'm guessing you mix your own rather than use ready made?

Thanks all for your comments. William, I live right in the middle of the Med - in Malta. Tony I only have one tube of green. I prefer mixing to get the hue I need. Seok the rendition of the foreground plants resulted from experimentation and some frustration, but that's a secret between us :)

Hi Anthony , I had an idea it was Malta , I spent a year there in the late seventies, rented a villa in Rabat first then an apartment in Sliema and travelled all around the Island working on a couple of films, I only wish that I hadn't waited untill I retired to start painting.

Like it! Jx

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350 x 250mm

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