Helen - Slightly larger than lifesize

Helen - Slightly larger than lifesize

Glad to see youposted more of your work. It's good. Maybe time to stop being a jack of all, and master of one? Helen is cast in resin? I take it you do your own casting? I know a couple of small business that cast in brass/resin for some of the leading artis in this style. Actually, there's only one worth talking to in the UK, but that's another story.

I love all these hobbies, that's why I find it so difficult to concentrate on one. Yes Tony i do my molds in plaster of paris,then take the casting either in plaster of paris or in fibreglass resin ... depending on size and complexity .... and whims!!! As for finishing I use either enamel or acrylic paint as a basecoat and then use a dry brush to give the appearance of bronze (light green, brown or dark green) and then dry brush gold paint to accenuate high spots. I finish off by applying a liberal rubbing of shoepolish and then polish it off using a soft cloth.

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This portrait of my wife is modelled in clay then cast in resin. Green patina (acrylic) applied.

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