Tinkinswood Burial Chamber - The Vale of Glamorgan

Tinkinswood Burial Chamber - The Vale of Glamorgan

I'm tolerably certain I've been here - years ago, on the one day of our Welsh holiday when it wasn't raining (sure that's where my arthritis started....). It's a remarkable structure, remarkably well painted.

Hi Robert,<br /><br />You may well have been there as it is very close to Cardiff. It was just about to rain when I got there and I ended up getting very wet and cold. I&#39;m used to the welsh weather though. As to the structure of the painting I can only take a certain amount of the credit as the site is in itself very dramatic. The capstone is the largest in the UK and so provides a really substantial starting point for any painting especially at the front of the monument where the splayed entrance walls provide a setting.

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Acrylic on Di-Bonded Alluminium

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