Early Supper.

Early Supper

What a great painting, lovely perspectives and great detail and use of colour. That reflection of the car is first class

Wonderful painting, love the colours and shadows.

Love this, brilliant.

Where do I start? Brilliant. Light and dark works every time and you have exploited this concept to the max. Fantastic. Love it.

Super painting Anthony

Wonderful use of the medium and story telling.

Tough challenge to take on, brilliant result Anthony. The very subtle shading on the lamp is terrific. A triumph.

This is such a clever, skilled painting, Anthony. The shadows from the geraniums in the troughs, the sweet glimpse of the child, the poster on the window, the balloons, and the reflection of the car, all so superbly captured and painted. What talent!

Extraordinary, in the best possible way

Really love the composition and colours of this painting. Excellently executed.

A very accomplished painting.

Wow, awesome painting

I would have been tempted to put too much detail in the geraniums. Your simple treatment of the flowers allows the viewer to be drawn into the picture and take in the detail provided at leisure. Great painting.

Beautifully done - amazing!

Hang on Studio Wall

From outside a small hotel in France. A watercolour attempt to look at 'depth'. Starting outside looking over flowers, through the glass window to the little boy at the table and then back outside again with the reflection of a car. Balloons are a sub-theme....Perhaps a little contrived...

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