This mornings sketch.

This mornings sketch.

Beautifully painterly .

Beautiful colour choice and nice angle.

Posted on Wed 28 Feb 11:31:00

Excellent. That thick paint laid on so confidently gives it an almost sculptural feel.

Thank you Sylvia, Ibolya and Lewis , your comments always gratefully received.

Painted with confidence Andre.

Atmospheric, full of character and mystery. Splendid.

Nice work Andre. Was about to say it has a sculptural feel, but see someone has already said it!

Really strong image love the thick masterly use of paint

Love this Andre.. the colours are great. brilliantly placed brushstrokes.

This needs a title Andre. Great work.

Your great skills always work so well Andre

This is just great, I love your choice of colour its worked so well.

Typical alla prima job I suspect Andre, direct and positive and no messing about!

A great texture to this, Andre!

That’s sooo good Andre, bold and strong!

Hang on Studio Wall

14x11 oil.

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